paid time off

Struggling with the idea that you're going to be out of office or away from loved ones? Here's what therapists suggest.
Spain will be the first European country to offer period leave. But there are known downsides to these policies.
A new survey shows Black and Latino workers in particular are concerned about missing work -- and pay -- because of the vaccine's side effects.
The vaccine is free, but employees still bear the burdens of navigating sign-up systems and recovering from the shots.
How you choose to spend your vacation or paid time off (PTO) is your choice. You shouldn't feel obligated to offer an explanation to your boss.
As order numbers surge from Americans in self-isolation, workers in at least nine U.S. Amazon warehouses have tested positive for COVID-19.
Trump said he’d expand paid sick leave during the crisis. That’s not happening.
Advocates hope this will finally get candidates talking about a key economic and health policy.
The United States “continues to be the only advanced economy that does not guarantee its workers paid vacation.”
The so-called "Flex" work bill would allow companies to flout existing laws that benefit workers.