Paige Patterson

Southern Baptist leader Paige Patterson accused her of lying, asked her humiliating personal questions and threatened her mom, a lawsuit contends.
The evangelical judge was an architect of the Southern Baptist Convention's conservative resurgence. The abuse claims were filed too late, a judge ruled.
Paige Patterson, a Southern Baptist leader fired for his handling of student rape cases, will teach how to apply Christian principles to current moral issues.
Just a week ago, it looked like former seminary president Paige Patterson would be allowed a graceful exit.
Paige Patterson was demoted to president emeritus after thousands of evangelical women signed a petition calling for his ouster.
Paige Patterson's remarks about women and abuse have been causing division in Southern Baptist circles.
Paige Patterson has come under scrutiny for past comments advising women to stay in abusive relationships.
Make no mistake about it, William Dembski is a first order star in the intelligent design firmament. And yet, even his stellar creationist credentials were not enough to keep the inquisitors from his door.