Pain in America

A new approach to prescribing is taking hold as doctors seek to stem the flow of opioids into communities.
Opioids remain the most effective drugs available for treating many kinds of pain — largely because we still don’t truly understand the science of pain.
Only a small fraction of Medicaid recipients have accessed an alternative pain management program meant to combat the overprescription of opioids.
A pilot program using VR technology shows promising results for managing pain without medication.
With the number of American seniors expected to almost double by 2060, there is a growing need to find alternative pain management tools.
These are the questions you should ask and how you should approach a treatment plan, according to experts.
People who live with chronic pain conditions share the debilitating, frustrating realities they experience daily.
The opioid addiction crisis was a hot topic in the last presidential primary. Not so much today, even though people are still dying.