Painful Sex

Plus a guide on how to fix the issue.
A friend, at the age of 55, was in a new relationship that was heading toward sex. Concerned because she hadn't had sex in three years, and knowing that it could be painful because of vaginal dryness, she asked me -- a sexually active woman in a 27-year marriage -- what I do to combat that discomfort.
Humans are tool-using primates. We don't think we're inadequate because we use a hammer to build a shelf. Why should we feel inadequate because we use tools to augment our sex play?
It is quite possible to overcome bedroom challenges, especially when each is approached as a couples issue and without blame.
Vaginal dryness affects as many as 75 percent of postmenopausal women. And between 17 and 45 percent of postmenopausal women say they find sex painful.
Endometriosis, as far as I knew, was something older women may experience. Statistics and facts about "female issues" are not always openly discussed in the same way as other medical conditions.
On Tuesday, Feb. 27, the FDA approved Osphena, a new drug for painful sex. It's a class of meds called selective estrogen receptor modulators, or SERMs, and is similar to other medications of this type, such as Tomoxifen and Raloxifene.
On a segment for HuffPost Live, host Nancy Redd led a discussion on how painful sexual intercourse caused by medical conditions
Tausha Griswold lived in a world where sex was painful, but with care from the right doctor she found sticking to a strict diet made all the difference in the world.