Not everything, as they say, is black-and-white.
It effectively acts as a source of sustainable heat energy.
After landing at Heathrow, I stopped to see Hatfield House, the childhood home of Queen Elisabeth I, and a great example
Al's Bar Downtown On the ground floor of the American Hotel, which was famous for easy drug availability and every other
Thanks to some scientists at the University of Antwerp in Belgium, we now know the truth. 😱
Born in 1898, Jon Serl channeled painful memories into mesmerizing works of art.
As Ross would say, “You too can paint almighty pictures.”
I love simple, yet impressive, DIY projects and crafts. And I also love all kinds of canvas art. Canvas art is easy, inexpensive, and requires no artistic skills (really!). When I wanted a little something to add some color to my foyer, I decided to create some simple watercolor canvases, and I love how they turned out!
I always love a good mid-week craft fix. Being creative is essential to my well-being, and having an arsenal of easy DIY's that don't take hours to plan and execute just makes me happy. When that crafty encounter also adds some loveliness and functionality to my home and decor, all the better! I created this easy striped ceramic tray in under 30 minutes and less than $15!
1. Establish a Mood How do you want your bedroom to feel? Airy and dreamy? Moody and sexy? Before you start decorating, figure