I bruise like a peach -- even a gentle bump into a corner of a desk will leave me with a big, purple bruise on my hip. So when my friend suggested that we play paintball, my natural response was, "Why on earth would I voluntarily put myself in a position to get bruised?"
Nikki (Marie Avgeropoulos), a lovely lass in a hoody, falls off a car she's jumping on and lands on Cam and crushes his bike. It's love at first pileup, and our hero soon joins Nikki's crew of parkour aficionados who are criminals for hire.
At first, Pam was alarmed by the $3,000 charges. "I was like, 'JaVale! JaVale! There's fraud on your credit card!'" she says
The designers over at iStrategyLabs are all about bringing social media into the physical realm. They have created such "social
It is better, after all, to pursue your own zen, even if it happens to be smashing something. Better to be constructively
I traveled with IUP's ROTC to Camp Dawson to act as a journalist embedded into a military unit. Four of my staff members and I ate with the cadets, slept in the same barracks as the cadets and, in some cases, attempted to participate in the same activities.
I recently came across one of these numbers that really struck me: 21,000. This is the number of children who die per day
"Many Balkan war vets with post traumatic stress disorder come to play paintball here," he explains. "It's very therapeutic and an effective form of rehabilitation."
"[Wheilan] has already spoken with members of our team and we have offered a full refund and processed that for him with
The incident is thought to be the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, the BBC reported. “It came as a real surprise
YUMA COUNTY - The outgoing sheriff in Yuma County is being criticized for not telling county leaders about a training exercise
This weekend, the election of a corrupt official, narrowly avoided food riots and improvised explosive devices (IED) that