paisley park

Arturo O'Farrill Leads His Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra With Sizzling Rhythms and Subversive Politics Blue Note label execs
These "advocates" and seekers of "justice" launched their campaigns as early as April 22, 2016, the day after Prince passed
1) You have a curious mind that zeroes in on solutions. Friends say Prince took copious notes about cultural and economic
As a child of the 80s, I was more enthralled by mainstream Michael Jackson, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper than by edgy Prince. My life had little angst, so Prince's dark and dangerous persona held little appeal.
Prince was bold, he was fearless, and wasn't concerned with the opinions of others. He wasn't trying to make friends while here or gain the favors or permission of others. He was here to make music, to change lives, and make an impact on the world.
We can all remember that moment when Prince burst into our lives. It was the moment everything we thought we knew about music, musicianship, and who and what we could love changed.
Prince loved patterns. We know that because he named his recording studio, Paisley Park, after one of the oldest patterns in history.
His trademark color washes over bridges, bleacher seats and city hall.
I am  --  and have always been and always will be  --  a Minnesotan. I may move elsewhere, but I will always carry my identity as a Minnesotan close to me. A piece of Minnesota died today. A big piece. And a piece of everybody who loves this state died along with it.
His creative restlessness, his pioneering cross-gender vision, his otherworldly musical genius -- these were things that marked him as unique, almost an emissary from another plane. But it was the big generic compound in Chanhassen that marked him as our genius.
From the days of "Darling Nikki" to the no-doubt long, sweaty, sexy nights of his latest record HITnRUN Phase One, he leaves