A "new" anything is very rare and magical to these children. A pair of new pajamas and a book gives them comfort, yes, but
Merry Christmas with love and laughter from the Zezimas. Stamford Advocate humor columnist Jerry Zezima is the author of
Blue is a perfect example of how color works, even when we do not realize it. And depending on the shade you use, the meaning
"I like it here because now I'm not afraid (to read) and now I am a better reader." "One of our young boys taken away from
When we're truly inspired, we are moved to make a difference and we start asking ourselves "what can I do that could MEAN
Sleepwear might not be the first category that comes to mind when thinking of highly functionality-minded clothing.
But then my mind turns South, to a place 1,000 miles away where hearts are breaking and people are grieving, their lives
Inspired by women who had banded together and built their own businesses in the Congo, actress Robin Wright created her own pajama line, Pour Les Femmes. Proceeds from the sleepwear line go to help the women in the Congo find some measure of "comfort and security."
Just when I think I've seen it all, or at least a lot of it over 15 years of Pajama Program, a horrific memory engulfs me
Although some might consider this trend to be one of the strangest we've seen in a while, this is not the first time pajamas have been on our radar.
On the road to fulfilling your true purpose you're not always joined by cheerleaders. Even those closest to you may not rally
There are days we wake up and all is not right with the world. Somebody is wreaking havoc and it takes everything we have to keep going, keep looking for peace somewhere within us to find a way to make things better for ourselves, our family, our community and the world.
Bedtime is a very important ritual for many kids. We all have that one bedtime story we grew up loving. But what about the kids who are in need or are waiting to be adopted?