Could you dance around your head 38 times in a minute?
The court jurisdiction tug-of-war is not new but her 2014 travel ban, about which she wasn't even informed, prevented Amin
Her attacker was shot dead by security guards.
For the first time in years, Palestinian reconciliation talks have not received the usual high-caliber media coverage, not even in the Palestinian media.
"Ruqayya is a small girl, how could she stab someone?"
If there is one country where migration is a meaningful crisis story it is Lebanon, which, according to Forbes-Statista/UNHCR, has the most refugees per 1,000 inhabitants -- 257 in mid-2014.
Violence does not occur in a vacuum, and any discussion of violence has to start with addressing the context in which it occurs. One is led to believe that Palestinians knife Israelis to death for no reason except hate. Palestinians are not madmen, though. We quickly forget and take no notice of the political context of violence which, it has been forewarned, would only make this new violence inevitable.
The winery offers a model for interfaith cooperation.
The violence comes amid a new wave of violence after Palestinian gunmen killed an Israeli couple in the West Bank.
The UN envoy to the Middle East urged Israel to bring the perpetrators to justice.
While religion has been used as a tool to divide people, it can become a bridge that unites them. That is why my colleagues and I spent several days studying the Talmud and attending synagogue. It had the effect of deepening both our understanding and respect for the people, their culture and heritage.
Palestinian President Abbas condemned the shooting as a "grave escalation."
The Palestinian-Israeli conflict might get an unexpected shot in the arm as a result of the recently concluded Iran nuclear agreement. While the P5+1 talks in Vienna focused only on the issue of Iran's nuclear capability, many are looking for how this agreement will effect regional conflicts.