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If you're a sufferer of mental illness, you've undoubtedly felt the sting of the media's portrayal of your disorder. From
"The bigger picture is nothing like what you expect," the series star told HuffPost.
In what seems to be a historic year for diversity on television, increasing the number of people of color in Hollywood continues
The Paley Center for Media has announced details for its Hollywood Tribute to African-American Achievements in Television
E.M. Forster's Oliver Standard Visible Writer Sometimes it's easy to prove, such as when he buys a typewriter from the owner's
Hollywood's quintessential TV show engineer - who was somehow both an 80's everyman complete with feathered haircut and also an action hero possessed of a profound understanding of the pure sciences - was Angus MacGyver.
Check out photos from the evening below: The Paley Center for Media hosted a star-studded event Thursday evening celebrating
“The renowned Paley Archive will come to life during our salute with an expanded African-American media collection of iconic
When Jerry Seinfeld was shopping around "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" as an online miniseries, he says he was told by digital experts that there's no way audiences would go for it if episodes were more than five minutes each.
How did Kerry Washington learn to value her intelligence over her looks? By attending an all-girls school. The "Scandal" actress opened up about her experience at an October 2 panel at thePaley Festival in New York.
By attending an all-girls school. How did Kerry Washington learn to value her intelligence over her looks? Kerry, we thought
On Thursday night, the 9th of May, 2013, as a rainbow descended into Hollywood and a cotton-candy sunset filled the firmament of Beverly Hills, the Paley Center for Media L.A. celebrated a humor deity: the one and only Mel Brooks.
This TED conference was an exhilarating exercise in thinking differently -- asking new questions, hearing answers to questions you didn't know you had, exploring new possibilities. That is what innovation is all about.
Time has been kind to "The Ben Stiller Show." It only ran for one season in 1992-93, but after being canceled, the show won