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Gov. Sarah Palin is backing a ballot measure to bypass the Legislature and make it illegal for teenagers to get an abortion
Gov. Sarah Palin on Thursday threw her support behind a controversial bill that would generally require parental consent
Palin's almost gleeful proclamation that she's just an everyday hockey mom and that experience is what we need in a VP, slams all the progress that women elected officials have been making for years.
Until the Republican Convention, very few had ever heard of Sarah Palin, and now this mean-spirited campaigner is asking who is Barack Obama? I'm asking who is Sarah Palin?
In the days after Tuesday's presidential debate there was some complaining among conservatives that so little of the campaign
Interviewed by Katie Couric for the station's vice presidential question series, the Alaska Governor does, indeed, draw a
COURIC: Palin says she makes no apologies for her pro-life views and opposes abortion, even in the case of rape or incest
"Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me all these years." "Can you name a few?" Later, when pressed on
It appears that McCain shored up his party base more than Obama -- The GOP convention unleashed a multi-day abortion-bashing, media-sniping puritan political orgy.