Palm Beach County, Florida

One physician lamented the patients he'd see that day who "shouldn’t have been there in the first place if they’d taken the simple advice of getting vaccinated."
The former president voted by mail in a municipal election in Palm Beach County, Florida.
Palm Beach County commissioners were told they would be "punished by God" ahead of their vote to require that face masks be worn in public.
Palm Beach County, Florida, has had nearly 4,300 confirmed COVID-19 cases since early March and at least 263 deaths.
That's on top of more than $118 million in U.S. taxpayer funds the president has soaked up for travel to his resort and security.
Should other police departments in the country do the same?
Sheila Keen Warren -- now married to the victim's husband -- is accused of fatally shooting Marlene Warren while wearing the creepy disguise.
Aaron Rajman, an Orthodox Jew, was nicknamed "The Matzoh Brawler."
Hundreds were expected. We numbered three thousand.