palm oil

Palm oil is in nearly every product you use, and it's destroying vast tracts of land. Here's how you can help.
We eat it, clean our homes and bodies with it and even fuel our cars with it. But our insatiable demand for palm oil is wreaking havoc on the planet — and our climate.
The animated film, narrated by Emma Thompson, shows an orangutan making a child’s bedroom its home after its mother and habitat were destroyed for palm oil.
“We don’t want to see any more bloodshed,” said the child of one slain land defender.
We stand at the brink of losing major species like Sumatran orangutans, and the widespread use of palm oil is partly to blame.
Distorted information is able to directly shape public opinion.
Slaughtering orangutans is a common crime on Borneo, but rarely prosecuted.
According to the latest estimates, 60% of species are endangered due to human activities and 75% of all primate populations
Roni Bintang/Reuters The drainage of Asia's wetlands presents a further set of dangers, particularly due to their importance
In the last 18 months, two crucial international agreements have sketched out the framework for a global economy that is
ResearchGate: How did you discover these metastasis-initiating cells? RG: What would a drug based on this approach mean for
Zoos and animal welfare groups are urging consumers to pick treats made from palm oil-free or sustainable ingredients.
About the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, also known as the greenest zoo in America
Air pollution may have caused more than 100,000 deaths last year, a new study finds.
“He’s one of the lucky survivors of conflict palm oil expansion but his fate is not the norm.”