“It is the duty of mujahideen today to expand operations targeting economic assets of the infidel regimes."
The destruction took place sometime between Dec. 26 and Jan. 10.
If Moscow doesn't end the war now, it risks mission creep and bloodshed that is even worse than in Aleppo.
A Syrian official says the army is trying to recapture Palmyra after the militant group gained control.
The historic city fell under the militants' control last year.
"The joy I feel is indescribable," Syria's antiquities director said.
Abd al-Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli, also known as Haji Iman and Abu Alaa al-Afri, was a veteran jihadist with a bounty of $7 million on his head.
The seizure of Palmyra would mark the biggest single gain for President Bashar al-Assad since Russia intervened in September.
Also, the KKK "was not so much a racist thing but a vigilante thing to keep law and order."