Palo Alto

Emma Roberts and Gia Coppola talk with Josh about the working with their famous family members.
As the tech world continues to expand beyond the Silicon Valley, creative minds such as Cynthia Spence have found a place within this vast market.
“A once thriving city will turn into a hollowed out museum,” attorney Kate Downing wrote.
I interviewed David Tomb after he completed the installation to ask him more about how the project had evolved, and what it has accomplished.
In the Bay Area, there are plenty of mansions for tech millionaires, but nowhere for teachers to live.
When I bought my first house in Palo Alto in 1990, I thought the prices in Palo Alto were crazy. It was a 2 bedroom 1 bath 1000 square foot house built in the 1930s and updated in the 1960s and we paid $465,000.