pam ann

In the world of comedy, there is no one quite like Australia's own Pam Ann, international air hostess. She counts among her fans Cher, Elton John and Madonna (who once described her as "cruelly funny"), and has a huge international fan base both flight attendant and gay.
Comedian Caroline Reid stopped by HuffPost Live yesterday to discuss her infamous alter ego Pam Ann and how she developed
Comedian Caroline Reid joins HuffPost Live to discuss her air hostess alter-ego, Pam Ann.
How much of you is in the character? She's totally like me in terms of where my passion comes from. I'm totally passionate
It wasn't until I was hijacked by drag queens, who transformed me into a living, breathing, pimped-out air hostess called Pam Ann, that things really started to take off (pardon the pun). Yes -- they created this hot mess, and they are responsible for me now.