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Rittenhouse, an Illinois resident, is charged with killing two people in Wisconsin after bringing a rifle to a protest.
Eric Trump is running the president’s company and is under investigation in New York, but spoke at the convention Tuesday. That was only the beginning.
In her RNC speech, Bondi, a close Trump ally, delivered some eyebrow-raising remarks railing against corruption and nepotism.
During President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, his lawyers denied he abused his power and said the Senate should care more about looking into Joe and Hunter Biden.
The former Florida attorney general has her own murky past with Trump and a class-action lawsuit against his "university."
Pam Bondi shrugged off concerns that Senate Republicans are defying their oaths of impartiality by saying they'll clear Trump ahead of a potential impeachment trial.
Pam Bondi, Florida's former attorney general, and Tony Sayegh, former Treasury spokesperson, will tackle the Trump administration's impeachment messaging.
Felons who have done their time are still forced to wait and wait under Florida’s sluggish rights restoration process.
It’s the first time in a decade state attorneys general have taken action together on an issue. Much of the credit goes to the Me Too movement.
Shoppers were reporting that some stores were charging as much as $30 for a case.