Pamela Druckerman

In Bringing Up Bebe, author Pamela Druckerman investigates the difference between raising a child in France vs. The United States. According to Druckerman, these are the Top 5 differences between French kids and American kids.
When children feel that their concerns and grievances have been listened to and understood, they will make fewer, not more, demands. And we will have an easier time when it is time to say no.
Ultimately, Miami is a city of contradictions. A sleepy small town wrapped in a growing metropolis that embraces everybody that chooses to call it home.
Far from becoming a more interesting city "just by existing", Miamians have actively taken responsibility for our own narrative and how the greater public, not to mention ourselves, perceive the magic city in totality.
It's impossible to characterize an entire nation's eating habits. On the other hand it is safe to say that the patterns offered in the American preschool and school system leave much to be desired.
I vowed that I would Frenchify my sons, my family, myself. Two years into raising my own fraternal twin boys, here's how I rate myself against this Bringing up Bebe ideal.
They say that those who fight the hardest are those who are the most alike, so perhaps it shouldn't have surprised me that when it comes to parenting, the English and the French have quite a bit in common.
Say “Yes” as Often as You Can The French believe that another key to having authority with your child is to say yes as often
A different approach to bedtime and more.
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