pamela geller

Trump's new pick for national security adviser is close with some of the most unhinged anti-Muslim groups in America.
Soffer's apology about newly unearthed social media posts came after the revelation that her mother is the anti-Muslim agitator Pamela Geller.
And the deeply troubling, bot-fueled surge of anti-Muslim activity on Twitter over the last year, as revealed by a new report.
Mohamed Belkhadir, who called police to the scene, said he understands how the error happened.
The much-anticipated, chaotic, sometimes laughable, but mostly terrifying 2016 Republican National Convention has come to end. And, oh, what a ride. There were certainly the highly publicized moments: Melania Trump's partially plagiarized speech and Ted Cruz being, well, Ted Cruz.
Let's get on with the remaining 2016 best and worst awards. One warning: it's a very long column, so we encourage readers to pace themselves.
Pamela Geller's group cannot post disparaging ads on Washington buses.
Is America Islamophobic? Better yet, has America become more Islamophobic in the five years since the Park51 controversy? Much of the evidence points to a sobering answer.