Pan American World Airways

I’ve always been told Pan Am was in my blood. My grandfather was a Pan Am station master. My dad grew up flying Pan Am and
My father continues, "While we were at lunch, we heard American songs being sung outside so we rushed through the meal and
This day we were on a journey to meet a famous Chinese fortune teller who was well known to Pan Am crews. As we walked miles
During Pan Am's fabled 64 years of operation, thousands of stories have emerged and, as I can attest to, Pan Am-er's still love telling them. I know I do.
"To this day, I do not know what we saw, but it is clear that it was under intelligent control," says retired Pan American World Airways Pilot, Captain Ralph Loewinger.
Pan Am started service to Hawaii on April 17, 1935, when a S-42 PIONEER CLIPPER landed some 17 hours and 44 minutes after
My handbag was a pharmacy when it wasn't a bar stocked with mini liquor bottles pinched from the plane.
While the show centers on the overdramatized hijinks, espionage and sexual escapades of Pan Am stewardesses, the real former
Pan Am was the airline that practically invented aviation. It pioneered air navigation and communications, and its list of "firsts" in the industry is awe-inspiring. Known as the "Queen of the Skies," it was the benchmark by which all other airlines were judged.
December 21, 1988, the day that Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland, has been called "the day that the heart of Pan American died."