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These hindrances are Universal, but they don't have to maintain a death-like grip on our present experience. We can be empowered to relax into who we truly are, and start to witness the nature of oneness unfolding before our eyes.
You can release the pain. You can free yourself from the stored trauma. You can find forgiveness. But first, you must take responsibility for your own happiness by turning your awareness within and giving your attention to everything you've been avoiding feeling.
Day 1 was rough. Awkwardness oozed from my lips as I stared into my eyes -- eyes that showed sadness, fatigue, loneliness, and guilt -- and uttered, "I love you." I felt like a used car salesman trying to unload a clunker to the girl in the mirror.
Rather than make a complete 180, Desai believes we can use our current skills to become an "agent of love" in any profession
When Brittany opens her eyes, Desai asks how she feels. "I feel very free," she says. Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On
Desai's wake-up call ultimately came in the form of a bar fight in East London. Sometimes our wake-up calls are deeply rooted
Author and thought leader Panache Desai joins HuffPost Live and talks with Caroline about how a bar fight changed his life.
Conventional definitions of success have us chasing our tails. Contemporary outlooks will have us living in truth. This new perspective of success has to include the intangibles of happiness and purpose. Only in these pursuits can the experience of authentic joy be attained.
We certainly can get caught up in the tasks of our daily lives, but, as we all know, there's more to a fulfilling life than
"A journalist once asked me to define liberation," he said. "Liberation is acceptance of one's self and one's life as it
"I've heard you say, Panache, that you need to be thankful for the difficulties that show up in your life, and I've had some
Are you toiling away at your job, not sure if what you're doing is fulfilling your life -- or your spiritual purpose? In
Vibrational energy can be tangibly felt, and people are just like tuning forks. A tuning fork creates a sound wave that vibrates