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The men were allegedly involved in the “decadeslong criminal scheme” carried out by Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.
Two bank employees are suspected of helping clients set up offshore companies in tax havens to launder hundreds of millions of euros.
The risk of corruption in Azerbaijan is high. The "Panama Papers," which came to light this April, included documents showing
Of the many foreign policy pots and pans left neglected on the next President's stove, the one marked "Ukraine" may be ready to boil over.
While cyber risk continues to dominate headlines keeping many a board room, state house and situation room awake at night, those responsible for the physical infrastructure and the machinery that keeps a modern economy whirling are in for some sleepless nights as well.
While corruption has been a defining characteristic of Armenian politics for decades, the summer 2015 Electric Yerevan protests revealed that Armenians are increasingly willing to participate in anti-corruption demonstrations.
Play ICIJ's new game and see if you can uncover Africa’s offshore empires
The Panama Papers show politicians and mining, oil and gas interests benefit from secrecy and dubious multimillion dollar transfers
There are few legal tools to punish wealthy tax evaders. Yet we can hope that revelations such as the Panama Papers leak and articles such as this one encourage them to bring at least some of their millions and use it both to decrease our tax burden and address global suffering.
Large denomination bills help facilitate the transfer and concealment of sizable amounts of money. Much of this illicit money can be stored offshore in international banks where it can be kept secure and hidden from the law.
Switzerland detained an IT worker from Mossack Fonseca on suspicion of removing large amounts of data, a Swiss newspaper said.
As risks have evolved from being phenomenological occurrences in the natural world, the twenty-first century is in many ways the era of man-made risk and man-stoked fires.
With just over 100 days in his second mandate as mayor of Bogota, the capital of Colombia, Enrique Peñalosa was discovered for the second time in a month to have included falsehoods in his academic credentials.
This was Elwood's, a wonderful pub below my apartment. They closed about a month ago. And across the street from them Blue
I have read the recent articles about the Panama Papers with great interest, because the way these shell companies are used has a direct impact on local real estate markets. Although many of these offshore vehicles have a legitimate purpose, a significant number are set up to wash ill-gotten gains from their owners.
The third through eighth floors of the Tower house administrative offices. The fifth, seventh and eighth floors are home
At the London anti-corruption summit last Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry said that corruption destroys nation states. He is right - look at Russia.
The ADB needs to put its money where its mouth is. In Azerbaijan, it should only provide budget support to the government