Anyone can see what’s going on in Newark, New Jersey. Using the Citizen Virtual Patrol, the public has 24/7 access to the city’s growing network of surveillance cameras. Officials say it’s part of an effort to reduce crime and restore community trust in the police. Opponents say the system leaves room for civil rights abuse and privacy violations.
On the video side of things we can now record 10-bit 4.2.2 up to 30p with Panasonic promising future updates as well for
Hardware The Panasonic G85 is a definite step up from the Panasonic G7 in build quality and also blows away the current Canon
Like Amazon's proposed self-service automated grocery stores, the Panasonic scanner can have an enormous effect on employment
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If you thought there was a lot of corporate money in politics, you haven't seen the amount of cash that goes into sponsoring the U.S. Olympic games.
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Panasonic's refusal to discriminate could help advance LGBT rights in Japan.