As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, folks across the country are discovering the joy of bread baking at home. But why bread? It turns out we don’t just bake bread because it’s delicious, but because it helps us connect to one another.
"All the students, regardless of their ability, are dropping," the commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics warned.
Hilarity ensued when Dr. Anthony Fauci brought Stephen Colbert along for his COVID-19 booster shot.
"I probably should have tried to be much, much more careful in getting the message to repeat the uncertainty of what we’re going through," Fauci said.
The price of a 1-liter mug of beer has increased 15 percent since 2019, thanks to rising prices for barley malt, glass bottles and the glue for labels.
The World Health Organization head is hopeful that the coronavirus pandemic may soon be over.
New rules for weddings mean certain traditions have been ruled out or alerted because of the coronavirus. A wedding planner runs us through the dos and don'ts - from washing your hands after exchanging rings to social distancing during the ceremony.
This is the heartwarming moment Betty Meredith, 91, surprises her husband Kenneth, 96, in his care home after being more than a month apart due to the pandemic.
Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House COVID-19 response coordinator, said the government will transition from day-to-day management of the pandemic.
FX president John Landgraf popularized the term “peak TV” and has made various predictions on when we might see a true peak.