Panel discussion

The Vermont senator hopes to build on the success of a widely viewed “Medicare for all” session.
There was a lively conversation about current trends for later-age living arrangements, including aging-in-place, a variety
In fact, even when a panel organizer chooses women panelists based on the most relevant qualifications, contributions or message, it is not uncommon for others in the panel-hosting institution to override those decisions using official titles, and organizational protocols around hierarchy, as a rationale.
As a long-serving college president, I am often asked for advice on how to make a choice among colleges. Answers to the following five questions will, more often than not, result in a good decision.
Thiel said he wasn't sure that Twitter is the place to solve complex problems. “Some problems require more than 140 characters
In this week's podcast, we discuss Repo Men, the week's top news stories, and offer random recommendations of horror, fantasy, and science fiction films worth checking out.
Arianna participated in a panel discussion for the website I Want Media's The Future of Media: 2010 forum this past Tuesday
For instance, one of the features that the site has offered for many years now is called "Notes" which allows users to essentially
Serving on the panel were members of the Wall Street Journal and Fox Business Network along with a freelance journalist who
O'Connell said, "By engaging Syrian media progressives we found some of the most powerful anti-extremist media programming