Would Happy Meals be happier if they were healthier? Panera has cleaned up its kids menu, eliminated artificial colors and preservatives, banned "gimmicks and distractions," and focused on nutritious options paired with water and apples.
New animal welfare commitments scrap confinement crates for pregnant pigs and promise cage-free eggs by 2020.
"We know people want to feel good about the foods they eat."
Panera Bread did not immediately return The Huffington Post's request for comment. According to Panera Bread's in-house nutritionist
What the NRA is trying to do is cast itself in a softer, more reasonable and, if you'll pardon the expression, less combative way, because for the first time they are up against an opponent whose money, smarts and media access can sway lots of people to go the opposite way.
Better taste is one benefit we see to the consumer in removing these additives. And as we wean our menu off all these artificial additives, we'll start with the ones that have the greatest impact on taste.
Annual revenue at company-owned stores dropped 2 percent to $1.1 billion in 2013, according to numbers shown to HuffPost
For diners like Shaich’s son, who eats at Panera multiple times a week and knows what he likes and doesn't like on his salad
Not only is the 'bakery-café' America's favorite chain sandwich shop according to our recent poll, it's also raking in the cash.
Today, with the growing demands for fast-food outlets to shape up and offer healthy options on their ever-expanding menus, prices have been rising. And from the Fiesta Taco Salad at Taco Bell to the Big Philly Cheesesteak at Subway, some fast-food menu items are a bit pricier than you might expect.
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"I'm not going to speak to any one chain," he said. "But I will say that we feel they are of the quality of a sandwich at
Twelve years after Jim Gordon, a New England developer of natural gas plants, launched his effort to build the country's first offshore wind project, the effort is mired in a bureaucratic tangle of permits, sign-offs and lawsuits.