An eerie photo of a pit of frozen pangolins shows just how easy it can be for the planet to lose a species.
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With the incredible success of The Jungle Book movie, what is your hope for how this could impact the future of pangolins
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Pangolins are scaly anteaters about the size of a house cat. They're presumed to be the world's most trafficked mammal, with an estimated 100,000 plucked from the wild every year in Africa and Asia -- that's one pangolin captured every five minutes.
Voters in Washington state sent a strong message to the world on November 3 when they passed the country's first-ever comprehensive state ban on commerce in endangered animal species.
The pangolin's numbers are rapidly dwindling. An Endangered Species Act listing is an important and necessary step to end the U.S.'s role in declining pangolin populations and would set an example for the rest of the world. Until then, we remain complicit in this truly unique species' decline.
“That’s one of the problems with species like pangolins,” Annette Olsson, an adviser for Conservation International, told notes that the creatures are also called "scaly anteaters." The are "unique creatures that are covered in hard