panic attack

When Denisha Bracey was dealing with anxiety and panic attacks, her boyfriend came up with a thoughtful way to help her feel better.
You are not helpless when a panic attack strikes at the office.
I'd developed a physical dependence and spent weeks in withdrawal. But I didn't know.
"I felt like I wasn’t allowed to feel bad,” the supermodel told People.
Try one of these phrases the pros rely on.
"Even Disney princesses are terrified sometimes," Patti Murin wrote.
Kevin Love of the Cavaliers wants men to know that it's OK to talk about mental health.
You're more in control than you think.
It isn’t just a personal preference, there's science behind it.
“It was so awkward that I wanted to kill myself.” “Yeah no totally. She’s psycho.” “That party was so packed. I was gonna
For me, sometimes there are known triggers, but mostly there aren’t.
Over time, I've learned that I have to understand the difference between pain and sensation. Awareness does not necessarily
You may think you're being useful by saying certain common phrases that seem helpful, but they're not. I've created a list of things people have said to me during a panic attack. Word of advice: Don't say these things. But lucky for you, I'm also including some helpful ways to make the situation less awkward for everyone.
Did you know a panic attack can feel like a heart attack? I didn’t, but I do now.