Police in Taneytown, Maryland, say at least one local is behaving strangely these days.
If you love layers and hate deciding between pants or skirts, you'll love this trend.
"Pants can be seen as the material manifestation of women’s desires to have different lives during times when they were greatly oppressed."
The first lady's leather pants and flats came off as an unfortunate optical illusion when she stepped off the aircraft.
Women's appropriation of men's clothing should be ho-hum in an age of unisex fashion trends and boyfriend jeans. But the
Comic legend was awarded National Medal of Arts.
Anyway, on to 33, which falls under the category of: "What is the limit on the number of animals that you would have living
Old men wear their pants too high. Young men wear their pants too low. It's no wonder that men can't find a woman's erogenous zones. They can't even find their own waist!
3. Nobody is going to enjoy their goddamn coffee before we address the fact that he wants the soft blue pants with the white string.