If you love layers and hate deciding between pants or skirts, you'll love this trend.
"Pants can be seen as the material manifestation of women’s desires to have different lives during times when they were greatly oppressed."
The first lady's leather pants and flats came off as an unfortunate optical illusion when she stepped off the aircraft.
The ensemble, however, has a controversial history, and Clinton's clothing choice hasn't been bereft of criticism. "Hideous
Old men wear their pants too high. Young men wear their pants too low. It's no wonder that men can't find a woman's erogenous zones. They can't even find their own waist!
3. Nobody is going to enjoy their goddamn coffee before we address the fact that he wants the soft blue pants with the white string.
No compromises in quality. Just versatile, essential style. We have taken an enduring, admired brand and made it stronger
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It involves a wiggle dance that won't necessarily make your life easier, but certainly more fun. Also, if you are wondering
Dear retailers, here's a plea from me and, I suspect, parents everywhere: please don't label clothes aspirationally. I mean we all know that kids are going to grow -- it's their job. But I'd very much like to walk into a kids clothing store and purchase clothes with the confidence that, if it says 7, it'll fit an average 7-year-old.
With all the the talk about Lululemon's "dumpy" new CEO Laurent Potdevin at the helm of the fitness conscious company, it only seems fitting to explore the brand's highly contoured and often copycatted clothing -- and what's made it the most sought after non-athletic, athletic apparel.
8. When we can't find ANYTHING to wear... "I think I'll go with sweats." 6. We can get away with washing them, like, never
8. The elastic is so comfortable, you'll never want to take them off. Herewith, 11 reasons why yoga pants are the best pants
Turkey's parliament has lifted a ban on women lawmakers wearing trousers in the assembly, in a further liberalization of dress rules following a landmark decision to allow female deputies to wear the Islamic headscarf.
Ask most guys if they enjoy shopping, and you probably will hear an unsurprising, flat, "no". But, that doesn't mean guys aren't into looking nice. Now more than ever, men in general seem to care about their appearance almost as much as women.