Enter Ade Hassan, the entrepreneur and wonder woman behind Nubian Skin. "Nubian Skin launched with a carefully edited collection of lingerie and hosiery to provide the essential underwear needs of women of color.
I got started on the project several weeks ago. I put on my best bra and a pair of knee-high nylon stockings and headed off to downtown San Francisco.
Normally pantyhose is most effective when it goes unnoticed. Dutch artist Rosa Verloop would beg to differ, however. Verloop
Kick up your heels! It's that time of year once again, and fashion decisions must be made: "To bare or not to bare -- that is the question!" Of course, we are talking legs!
Waiting on line for the bus, I tried to be friendly to a pregnant lady standing behind me. "When is the baby due?" I asked. She frowned and said, "What baby?" Turned out she wasn't pregnant, just overweight.
You'd be hard-pressed to find me not wearing pantyhose. Here's three reasons why.
The topic of pantyhose has become a hot topic here at the office, with the girls at Stylelist being divided on whether hosiery
So while I pity how things like manners and civility have become outmoded, there is one thing I'm glad stays in the past
If that's the case, you know what to do. We'll see you in the hosiery aisle. What a difference three years can make. The