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Papa John’s founder John Schnatter reportedly used the n-word ... during a conference call on public relations disasters, of all things.
By Laura Woods, Contributor  National Pi Day falls on March 14 and math whizzes across the globe will join together to honor
The Broncos quarterback faces allegations that he obtained performance-enhancing drugs through a clinic where he received treatment for an injury.
It's very rare that a business owner serves time for wage theft.
"We know people want to feel good about the foods they eat."
"I call on all fast food franchisors, including Papa John's, to take steps necessary to ensure that their workers - the backbone
Papa John says the photo taken over the weekend is NOT what it seems, because he was forking a tuna ... not a pizza. Read
But his real transgression is the method ... HE ATE IT WITH A FORK! Read more on TMZ
Except that you can, and many people do. As for the more casual pizza fan: One in eight Americans eat the stuff on any given
For instance, the explanation of the fee on the Papa John's box, and the suggestion that we tip the driver "for outstanding
The vast majority of Americans find themselves closer to a Pizza Hut or Domino’s than any other chain, but regional chains
Back in 2012, Manning purchased 21 Papa John' s stores in the Denver area. The shops, which sell discounted pizzas when the
Papa John's, which has more than 4,000 stores, features pork in a variety of toppings such as pepperoni and sausage. The