Papal Visit

The pope met with a military commander accused of overseeing a brutal campaign against the country's Rohingya Muslims.
They also used their bodies to spell out "Welcome to Morelia" in Spanish.
"...and I sail off to thunderous applause"
The Pope has said a great deal since he arrived in the U.S. Still, in this one, simple sentence before Congress, he brought together concepts of love, solidarity, right relationships, human dignity and even a "preferential option for the poor."
"It's like going to jail for getting caught with some liquor."
As Pope Francis visits the United States many church watchers will be curious to learn of any current project our reforming pontiff may have in mind respecting the future role of Catholic women.
Personally, as a Latin@ Catholic theologian who is una nieta de inmigrantes, I share your passion for justice for all migrants. I am particularly drawn to the attention you bring to cities in your theologizing, probably because I identify as hurban@́, Hispanic and urban, thanks in part to my New York roots and distinctive Bronx accent.
Here are a few instances that the Pontiff’s Pope-ness stretched beyond the billion Catholics who look to him for guidance.
Pope Francis' message is firmly grounded in the teachings of Jesus and Christian doctrine as applied to the broken world we find ourselves in today. What is new is that we have a messenger so powerfully capable of conveying this message.
My fears and doubts once clouded my ability to see clearly. There was a time I believed that the Church would never accept me for who I am and that I could never find happiness in life as a gay Catholic. So thank you, Pope Francis, for welcoming me back to the Church.
The Pope was a trusted broker in the behind-the-scenes negotiations that led to an official rapprochement between our two countries, so we're confident that he'll speak favorably about warming U.S.-Cuba relations on his trip.
What about Pope Francis? Will he ever bless the ordination of women, or will he continue to keep women in their place? I deeply admire Pope Francis. His warmth and compassion, his candor and humanity are a breath of fresh air. His love for the poor and his commitment to people rather than to an established hierarchy are inspirational.
I hope the pope will tie family issues to the problems of poverty, income inequality, and the suffering of the poor. Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs are a great example of the haves and the have-nots, and the pope should be exposed to it.
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Though the Vatican in general supported democratic reforms, it has also stressed the need to defend the rights of minority
Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Britain this morning on board the 'Papal plane' -- an ordinary Alitalia Airbus A320 chartered
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