The duke privately shared the sentiments about Princess Diana with his friends, according to a report in The Times of London.
The royal couple said they were involved in a "catastrophic car chase at the hands of a ring of highly aggressive paparazzi" in Manhattan this week.
The royal couple and the duchess's mother were chased by paparazzi for more than two hours as they left a New York City event, a spokesperson said.
The "Love Is Blind" co-host reached into a photographer's car and tried to grab her phone during a night out with his wife in March 2022.
Emma Heming Willis offered a PSA to paparazzi in the wake of her family announcing his frontotemporal dementia diagnosis.
“You edit together these images to look like I’m happily waving, but that is deceitful,” the “Gossip Girl” alum commented on the since-deleted post.
The “Truth Hurts” singer issued a polite ― and unflinching ― clarification after a reporter repeatedly misgendered Lovato with incorrect pronouns.
The pop star shared a blunt message on Instagram set to Lily Allen's "F**k You."
The "Game of Thrones" star's Instagram video castigated photographers for going after her infant daughter Willa, who "did not ask for this life."
"Do you think I’d want to look like that in front of all of you?!” he said of photos showing him kissing his then-girlfriend.