paper art

---0--- AVANT - Miami - Nov. 30, 2016 - Feb. 10, 2017 Dmitry Prut, founder and owner of Miami's internationally renowned
Each piece is hand drawn and then carefully cut with an X-Acto knife.
Artist Ji Zhou explores how the contemporary world is manmade.
"I like working with new and fresh ideas, and always try to breathe life and my personality into my models," the artist writes
Take a look at Fantin's dizzying commentaries below. "Italians venerate an endless numbers of saints and pay special reverence
At the time, he also told the blog that he’d started making his own origami paper, as he was finding it difficult to buy
Initially, I was concerned about the limitations of the quilling technique and the material from which the work is constructed
When you gaze upon Li Hongbo's stagnant statues, it's hard to believe the unusual works of art are made from paper. That
Most people usually discard toilet paper rolls after the last sheet is used. Apparently, painter Anastassia Elias did not
Hanoi-based origami artist Nguyễn Hùng Cường has a real knack for turning delicate handmade papers into intricately folded
Ruff's dexterity runs in the family. Her grandparents owned a scrap paper company in Chicago and taught her how to value
the Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave has turned her passion for painting toward the recreation of elaborate costumes -- crumpling, pleating, painting and sculpting the surface of ordinary paper -- to achieve the effect of textiles and create the illusion of haute couture.
Witte has a show opening May 10th in NYC at the Christopher Henry Gallery. Perhaps a touch more incredible is the work of
Miller turned the gallery space into a navigable jungle for "Recalcitrant Mimesis," featuring an immaculate installation
Stop motion animation has experienced a renaissance in a big way, thanks to artist-driven sharing websites, such as vimeo