Paper Ballots

At a joint press conference with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, President Donald Trump again downplayed Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election, and suggested paper ballots as a defense against future meddling.
We risk an election meltdown worse than the Florida 2000 debacle when the presidential election came down to hanging chads and chaos. This time we are looking at another razor close result and perhaps another recount.
In 2010, computer scientists from the University of Michigan and Princeton hacked a touch-screen voting machine, installing the video game Pac-Man. Could comparable voting systems in Ohio be subverted to alter the presidential vote tally?
In Sarasota, Florida today, a four year long battle over real election accountability has come to a bitter end.
Montgomery, PA county officials admit that they were completely unprepared for the new paper ballot directive, despite known problems with the touch-screen voting systems they use.
It's back to the future for voters in Sangamon County. Read more on State Journal-Register Sangamon County Clerk Joe Aiello
A similar storm on election day could knock out virtually all the state's touchscreen machines. Without sufficient paper ballots, hundreds of thousands of Ohioans would lose their right to vote.
Since 1973 the House of Representatives has used an electronic voting system for all recorded votes. So does this electronic voting system use paper trails? Of course not.