Paralympic Games

His remark is yet another example of his disdain for people with disabilities.
Actually, for a lot of people, it's Trump who's tough to watch.
In six months’ time the International Olympic Committee will take its decision on who will host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic
Up to half of elite athletes may be getting too little sleep or have poor quality sleep.
With the Rio Paralympic Games starting on September 7, sports fans eager to watch elite athletes compete and still riding the wave of the Olympic Games cannot wait to see, hear and follow Paralympic sports and athletes from around the world.
These three men thought they lost it all! Tragic life events and devastating disabilities like theirs would have ended most people's hopes and dreams.
After the torches are extinguished following 16 days of the Olympic Games and 10 days of the Paralympic Games, the competitions may end, but the underlying values of Olympism live on in all of us who value the determination and diversity of humanity.
It looked like they were skiing on an avalanche--not getting engulfed in one, but skiing on top, with a constantly changing surface. The bottom could drop out at any moment.
Who is Teresa Perales? At the Beijing Paralympic Games of 2008, she earned five medals, tied the record of swimmer Purificación
Esther Vergeer is, without hyperbole, the most dominant athlete living today -- and you've probably never heard of her.
As technology improves, and as Paralympians get better, they may no longer desire to compete in the Paralympic Games, favoring the more high profile Olympic Games.
WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE If you think sinking a half-court basketball shot is tough, try doing it without arms. According to
You know what happens when you show the London 2012 Paralympics on TV as you would other international sports? You get interest in diversity now and for years to come.
Rapid Googling: radiated in the womb (Did someone make this up?), adopted from a Ukrainian orphanage by a single mother in Buffalo at age seven (Did I?), rowing partner with a Marine who lost his legs to an IED in Afghanistan (Did Jerry Bruckheimer?).
I tried to put on my 'race face' as soon as I entered the track, but it's hard not to smile when a feeling of euphoria is filling your body, as 80,000 people chant your name.
But thanks to her incredible ambition, Madsen did not simply persevere throughout such hardship -- rather, she grew. RELATED
Turning Vision Impairment Into Motivation Colleen takes her poor vision in stride. When someone she has just met asks her
The Paralympics have grown into the world's second-largest sporting event, surpassed now only by the Olympics themselves. London's Games will be the biggest yet.