Mike Schultz wasn't satisfied with the quality of high-performance prosthetics, so he decided to create his own.
Bebe Vio has once again lifted herself out of the wheelchair she had transformed into a throne to teach us all a lesson.
What especially moved me was the extensive participation of countries that had only minimal participation in the four previous
There's been a lot of talk over the past few days about the 'legacy' of these athletes, of the social progress which comes from events like these and of the lessons they teach us all. It would be nice to think that their legacy is global and profound, that it challenges perspectives, shifts attitudes and redresses relationships.
This article originally appeared on OutSports. After a Summer Olympic Games that saw a record-smashing number of publicly
Paraplegics were depressed and discarded. Then one doctor had an idea: Let them play sports.
With the Rio Paralympic Games starting on September 7, sports fans eager to watch elite athletes compete and still riding the wave of the Olympic Games cannot wait to see, hear and follow Paralympic sports and athletes from around the world.
Being born in the 1970's, the Paralympics was like being set free as I was very much brought up to stay very silent and to
As someone with a disability myself, and who also knows what it means to parent a child with multiple disabilities, I've become an advocate for my children on so many fronts, including their education. After all, when it comes to disability and inclusion, despite good intentions, many schools don't even know what they don't know.
We are grateful for what these competitors achieve on and off the field, especially leveraging their status as Paralympians and their professional advancement to serve as a beacon of hope to so many people with disabilities around the world.
Rudy Garcia-Tolson, Scout Bassett and Trooper Johnson explain what it's like to be a Paralympian and describe their quests to over come the odds.
Rudy Garcia-Tolson, Scout Bassett, and Trooper Johnson explain what it's like to be a Paralympian and their quest to overcome the odds.
After the torches are extinguished following 16 days of the Olympic Games and 10 days of the Paralympic Games, the competitions may end, but the underlying values of Olympism live on in all of us who value the determination and diversity of humanity.
Each practice brought its own challenges; for a while it felt like with every step forward we took ten steps back. With each passing day, the injury we were all hoping would heal over time remained constant with no sight of recovery.