EMTs and paramedics experience PTSD and depression at higher rates than the general population. Experts say it's up to employers to get them help.
At a dinner party last night I was seated next to a fellow who said he was a paramedic. He asked me, "Have you iced your cell phone?" and then he explained.
EMS Chief Jerald James told Fox 2 employees can't be allowed to give away state property of any kind without permission, though
"I want to die in this house." That's what Michael Halberian, owner of the storied Steinway Mansion, declared late on Christmas Eve. Three days later, the house that brought Michael life took him back.
An ambulance ride to St. Mary's Hospital was delayed 30 to 40 minutes for one patient Thursday night as Grand Junction police
LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- A man in Lakewood is alive, thanks to a pizza deliveryman. "The pizza guy saved his life," said Kami Linn