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An authentic artist creates beauty that lifts us up to the highest within us. The Creativity of such an artist comes from his or her connection to the Divine Source, which is therefore able to make a truly constructive contribution to humanity.
The high octane MonumenTour rocked through Irvine California Saturday night with co-headliners Fall Out Boy and Paramore at the Verizon Amphitheater. The show packed a one two punch as both bands brought their best game to the packed crowd of over 16,000 in the out door stadium.
Paramore's Hayley Williams took a moment during the band's Tuesday night show in Denver to recognize Robin Williams, who
There is one way to ensure the music of the summer reverberates into the fall and beyond. It is by discovering the song of the soul. The No. 1 hit will not be found on Billboard's charts or iTunes but inside of you and is waiting to be sung. It is music that will last forever.
MP: What makes you feel vulnerable? Being nice. Sometimes, being happy or being nice can leave me feeling a bit hung out
Were you a fan of Zedd and dance music before making "Stay the Night"? I'm a big fan of Zedd. I don't know a whole lot about
"None of the songs are wholly about losing two band members and going through that drama, they are all parts and pieces of our daily life. It's not an autobiography of Paramore."
There was a time, not all that long ago, when thrift stores and consignment shops were seen exclusively as the domain of
"Paramore" hits stores on April 9. Paramore, now made up of Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis, and Taylor York, lost founding
"The most fun things would be international travel, getting to hang out with your best buds, playing a live show, and making music videos. Not fun things are setting up and tearing down, file management while recording, picking out a name for your band."
While the Golden Globes, Oscars and all those screen guild awards are voted on by secret panels the public will never understand