The Queen of Pop is both a sexy spy and a Founding Father in the first clip from her long-awaited concert film, which hits Paramount+ on Oct. 8.
The "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" director has pitched a presumably more foul-mouthed version of the space series to Paramount.
A new premiere date for the 10-episode anthology was not announced.
His death comes just months after he left the studio.
Allison Schroeder: That's hard. I think the key is that there needs to be improvement in all areas, so that there's not just
Will it be easy for you to get to and from the internship and still make your classes? Will it make sense for you to drive
Dalian Wanda Group, which bought production company Legendary Entertainment in January, has been trying to expand its U.S. movie business.
Detail of a new Dario Campanile painting. Campanile: I am open. At first I went to the extreme and did completely non-representational
One guy who was responsible for giving all those titles life. One guy who refused to play by the rules. One guy who picked up the dice, had the prettiest dame in the room give them a lucky breath of air, and let them fly, outcome be damned. Hell, he knew it was gonna come up 7. His friends, both real and those who think they are, still call him "The Kid," a moniker bestowed upon him by the legendary Darryl F. Zanuck. Civilians know him as Robert Evans.