"Here's why we chose her: She's not crazy," the editorial page editor said about the GOP House contender.
Bell, who created the popular show "Coast to Coast AM," died on Friday the 13th.
The man who previously ran the Pentagon's secret UFO program has a lot to say on the topic.
Reminder: Most UFO sightings are eventually explained away as natural or man-made objects.
This clip shows the first expulsion of the hot material from the object and the object’s movement away from the plume: Following
There is no need for the good man or woman to fear death. To regret it, yes. For there is so much that is yet to be done. But fear it? No. The great adventure of life will continue.
I am finally certain beyond a reason of a doubt that there is much more to reality than we have any idea. And I look forward to seeing the developments in this area. This can change your world view, and who knows where that might lead.
The question for me is not why Millennials, and not just Millennials, are inclined to divorce religion from the afterlife, but whether this is good for religion. Will the latest research, all of it secular, be friend or foe?
"We cannot, of course, explain out all the apparitions that have been reported." In essence, the "ghosts" the patients were
She dreamed in grey, the colour of misery. The pall bearers lowered her coffin into the ground. She banged on the lid, bloody