The 25-year-old, who has become a sensation on social media, is a filmmaker in her own right and apparently working on a feature-length script.
“Parasite” is the first non-English film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.
Bong Joon Ho's "Parasite" became the first foreign film to take home the ceremony's top prize.
The parasitic roundworm in question can live up to two years in a human if it isn't removed and can move from the face to the buttocks.
A doctor suspects it came from improperly prepared raw salmon.
A parasite found in felines is being linked to debilitating mental illness and millions could be infected.
A British man was treated for a brain condition of science fiction proportions—the first of its kind ever in the United Kingdom.
A record of long-gone ancestors? But these three louse lineages did not stay apart. Some interaction, such as hunting together
The microbe is a single-celled pathogen that infects most types of mammal and bird, causing a disease called toxoplasmosis
Short-lived latrine Intestinal parasites have been found lurking in ancient poop in the toilet of a medieval castle in western
The notion that parasites are ravaging populations -- and clearly, they are -- is hard to reconcile with the already-impressive and fast-accumulating evidence that the aftermath of eradicating parasites is ravaging other populations.
A document obtained today by this reporter reveals that right-wing Texas billionaire brothers Charles and Bill Koch, rumored for months to be planning a takeover of the venerable Los Angeles Times, are secretly detailing changes they intend to make after they assume control.
A Tesco spokesman stressed that the company wishes to undertake an "an urgent and thorough investigation" of the fish's supplier
Already beleaguered by flower snatchers and threatened by habitat destruction and climate change, Florida's wild orchids now face the dreaded boisduval scale.
While Crowley gets the 15 minutes of White House fame -- and a free beer -- that he inveigled out of the President -- perhaps a decent lawyer will come forward and offer to represent Lucia Whalen.