Hundreds of thousands of New York parents have already notified school officials that they will refuse these flawed and harmful tests.
Testing companies do not want us to know that Common Core and its high-stakes testing regime are a disaster that do a grave disservice to this nation's children.
  That seems to be the tack taken by education bloggers Mark Weber and Alan Singer, who were both frothing recently about
c. 5/12/16 Dear Professor Oyler: I am writing to respectfully request that you remove all of the material reproduced from
If only we had a quarter for every time someone has told us, unsolicited, that their two year old is "really advanced", right
However, she too is worried about the students who haven't been in Gillard for very long. Like many high-poverty schools
Here are the state's Top 25 most improved schools in 2015, along with each school's change in rank since 2014 and its PARCC
The essence of Education ®eform has been to transform students from the object to which pedagogy is directed, into the subject that is scrutinized as a proxy measure for institutional effect.
Standardized tests are the performance review of childhood. The results matter, not for their learning but to measure how well they are doing their job as consumers of information. I