Iranians may say the International Atomic Energy Agency came to wrong conclusions on several points. Just because some of what the Iranian government did was "relevant" to work on nuclear weapons doesn't mean that the work actually was aimed at making them. But now that the IAEA has made its assessment, the justification for extra vigilance and continuing concern about Iran's nuclear intentions should be clear to all.
Reuters has reported that Iran won't be able to self-inspect a key military site.
It appears aimed at undermining the nuclear deal, the official says.
Since the P5+1 deal with Iran -- the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) -- was announced on July 14, there has been much discussion and debate about it, with lots more undoubtedly to come.
Questions surfaced after the Associated Press removed some key text from the piece.
The reported draft document said the U.N. agency would allow Iran to inspect its own sites.