Dwight and Steven Hammond's conviction for torching federal lands sparked the takeover of an Oregon wildlife refuge led by ranchers Ryan and Ammon Bundy.
The former White House strategist's pardon might not be so simple after all.
The Netflix star's legal team was reportedly so confident he'd receive clemency that they hired a limo to retrieve him from prison this week.
President Donald Trump continues his spate of pardons with 143 names just hours before his tenure in the White House ends.
Federal prosecutors have alleged that Bannon’s "Build the Wall" fund served as a slush fund for the former White House adviser and his partners.
In the final hours of his presidency, Trump is "signing pardons with both hands," joked "The Tonight Show" host.
The "Late Show" host offers up a biting observation about this week's schedule of events as the president gets set to leave office.
Jake Angeli’s attorney claimed Donald Trump had “an obligation” to pardon his client, who he said "loved" the president.
The former FBI director, who was fired by Trump in 2017, says a pardon would heal the country and get Americans to a place where they can focus on things that will "matter."
"How much more egregious, unjust, unfair, inappropriate does a presidential pardon get?" asked former assistant U.S. attorney Glenn Kirschner.