"It’s inappropriate,” the former Arkansas governor said.
Asked whether President Joe Biden would pardon his son, who’s embroiled in a slew of legal charges, the White House offered up an emphatic “no.”
President Joe Biden's weed pardons are a promising step, but they don't apply to most people with marijuana convictions.
Crisis hotline founder Paul Niland suggested Trump was basically endorsing political violence.
Brooks sought preemptive "all-purpose" pardons for Republicans who challenged the results of the 2020 election, CBS's Robert Costa reported.
They face charges including assault, theft, trespassing, property destruction and conspiracy.
The Democratic president also commuted the sentences of 75 others for nonviolent, drug-related convictions.
The president said he will grant 75 commutations and three pardons for people charged with low-level drug offenses or nonviolent crimes.
The ex-president was called out for his Jan. 6 pledge.
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam granted posthumous pardons to seven Black men who were executed in 1951 for the rape of a white woman.