Presumably, it's yelling at a nearby tree that looks like the bereaved parent of a war hero.
Don't worry -- we're not about to be invaded by crab monsters.
A man in Scotland claims to have seen the face of Jesus… at Ikea.
Of course, that hasn't stopped folks from trolling through photos taken by NASA rovers and probes -- spotting objects that
Storefront in Washington, D.C. "Most people think you have to be mentally abnormal to see these types of images, so individuals
On his Facebook page, Emmett wrote that he hadn't even noticed that he had captured the oceanic face until he "looked back
They may not be the evidence of alien life that UFOlogists are looking for, but even the most skeptical among us can agree
As someone who likes to think they have a pretty good imagination, I've always had a lot of fun with pareidolia, the fancy, scientific name for seeing patterns or pictures in nature where none exist.
Would you keep the Lenin stain or scrub it out? Eat the Elvis potato chip or save it for posterity? We love them all, but