Guy Bryant has been a foster parent for the past 12 years, opening his home to over 50 young men who otherwise would have aged out of the system. He wants to set up these young adults for success, and he wants them to know they’ll always have a home.
You may not have as much control as you'd like after your parent's death, so be proactive now.
As soon as my kids began arguing, or if they were too loud, I just wanted to sleep it away.
How many times have you seen a bubble bath touch the ceiling of the bathroom?
By Marisa Endicott, Common Sense News When Jaclyn moved to Ohio with her two young children, she thought she could begin
Kelly Rowland shares the key ingredients to having healthy sex after giving birth.
My name is Henderson, and I am a chronic apologizer. I really mean it. I apologize for everything. If the baby starts crying
How much easier it is to be on the other side of those doors, the one hiding behind the white coat.
I see the ads everywhere... from gym commercials, pop-ups on websites, or promoted ads on Facebook.   “You CAN be a fit mom
Processing an autism diagnosis is not easy.
I ask you . . . what do you envision for your child? Don't let an illness or any other situation stop YOU from seeing your
“When I look at him, I see the 17-year-old I met,” my 78-year-old mentor said to me once of her beloved, aged 77-and-a-half
"I am resolved this year to remain fearless."