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Every parent can reduce their child separation guilt by coming home from a business trip loaded with gifts. Comedian and
I just tire of parents who ramble on about presumed or actual giftedness for the purpose of deflecting attention away from other reasons their child is going off the rails in school.
I already long for those July mornings when all I had to worry about was getting myself fed and dressed. Or sip my coffee and read the paper in a quiet kitchen while the boys sacked in 'til noon.
I got a glimpse for the first time of what it will be like to be an empty nester. Connor starts high school this fall, and in two years Will is off to college. If Father's Day 2015 is any predictor, I'll be a complete mess, lavishing my pent-up paternal affections on the family dogs.
When you get a diagnosis like this, life can't help but change. But with all the questions and concerns there has also been great gifts like an increased sense of clarity and the ability to see to the heart of people and what's really important in life.
Feel the desperate need to say "awwwww" and laugh at the same time? h/t Tastefully Offensive For that moment, nothing else
If kindness is a trait we want our children to embrace, we have to model it. We have to be conscious of how we treat others, what we say about them and how we respond when we're hurt.
The hardest part of any job is wondering what you are doing to help society. I come into work and wonder every day if what I am doing is worthwhile. Does making burgers and fries really make a difference?
Being intentional -- thinking about the parenting process, having conversations and negotiating with your co-parent along the way, knowing who you are and what's most important to you -- makes a world of difference in the quality and experience of raising your child.
Few people would disagree that we've become a divided society with our own thoughts and beliefs taking precedence over tolerance and understanding. But what is it doing to our children?
When was the last time you stopped -- for a day, an hour, or even a few minutes to fully experience whatever is happening in your life? You may be avoiding some uncomfortable feelings, but what incredible moments are you missing out on also?
We can only guess at what life is like at the different stages of our children's lives. But if we pay attention to who our children are and how they react to new situations, we can share in their experiences and help them learn and adapt to the world.
Who is raising our children? Where do they get their information on how to present themselves and interact with others? Are we each doing enough to have a positive influence on their behavior and guiding them according to the values we've identified for ourselves?
Two weeks with a two-year-old and I've learned lessons that I never learned in school or from the 20 years I've spent working with families. It's easy to give advice until you find yourself in the trenches with a determined, impulsive two-year-old.
When you get older you will not want to dance with your dad. You will want to dance with other boys. Boys that I will never think are good enough for you.
What stops us from feeling and exhibiting that love? Maybe we're so fearful of doing the wrong things that we get paralyzed.