parental alienation

In her TEDx talk, Harman discusses how ingrained cultural stereotypes about parenting roles affect this phenomenon. "Fathers
There is no catch. There is nothing to sign up for. I believe the ramifications of turning a blind eye to parental alienation
"The family court system is routinely trafficking teenagers and young children away from their safe, nurturing parent and
This summer, Judge Gorcyca shocked the world when she berated the Tsimhoni children (ages 9, 10, and 14), compared them to the disciples of Charles Manson, and sent them to juvenile detention for refusing to see their father who they claim is abusive.
It might seem drastic for a network to hide children whose allegations of abuse have been ignored in court, but it is infinitely more disturbing that children would feel that running away is their only escape from abuse.
Always feeling like the bad kid growing up, Colin felt everything was his fault. "My father was abusive to my mother. He was always angry. She was always crying. That is all I remember of my childhood.
The sanity of an adult who chose not to speak to someone they feared and rejected would not be so easily questioned, but Parental Alienation Syndrome pathologizes the child and discredits his/her feelings, beliefs, memories, and experiences.
On June 24, 2015, Michigan Judge Lisa Gorcyca ordered three children -- ages 9, 10 and 15 -- to a juvenile facility, known as Children's Village, for "failing to maintain a 'healthy relationship' with their father.
Divorce. Not fun. Messy. Kids in the middle. It doesn't have to be this way. I had a "nice" divorce. This doesn't mean it didn't suck or there wasn't pain or hurt. It just means we didn't have to destroy each other or the children in the process.
The space of time sandwiched between Mother's Day and Father's Day can bring unique anguish for people whose children have become alienated from them through a high conflict divorce.