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Just because you don't follow your kid to her job interview doesn't mean you aren't helicopter parenting.
Texas mother Tammy Cooper spent 18 hours in jail for letting her 6 and 9-year-old children play in their front yard while
Supernanny Jo Frost joins HuffPost Live to discuss parents spanking their children.
Parents feel that they are pawns in a race to outperform other countries. Parents don't care about how their kids are faring in relation to Finland or South Korea. They care about the education and well-being of their children.
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Everybody knew children were more precocious in the internet age, but the image of a toddler watching porn was deeply troubling.
If it all comes down to trust, why buy the software?
Tatum is sincere and loving as Leo but he is also a sort of clunky actor. For some this just adds to his charm, while for others it is off-setting. He has a boyish charm and you can certainly see why Paige was attracted to Leo.
This Christmas, Santa isn't just stuffing stockings, he's filling DVRs -- with more TV specials and marathons than you can
The problem with tweeting, it would seem, even if one is able to keep the tweets on the level of the mundane, is a lack of editor. A lack of filter. It's like unprotected sex.
As a society, we are more sensitive to anyone collecting anonymous information about our children, especially if it is used for marketing purposes, than we are to collecting anonymous information about ourselves.